Кихане: Защо кихаме? 

Млади човече кихане и духаше носа му с кърпичка

Sneezing is annoying and at the same time relieving, funny and intimidating, noisy and sometimes snotty – this phenomenon is something we experience almost every day. But do you really know why we sneeze when we catch a cold? Most likely, you guessed that there is an objective biological reason for this and you have come to the right place to learn more details on the topic.

So what does sneezing mean and why do we close our eyes when we sneeze? Become an expert with our comprehensive guide!

Sneezing: meaning and mechanism

The physical process that provokes sneezing occurs when the nerve endings in the sinuses are irritated. This commands the body to throw a strong stream of air through our nostrils to clear them. The sinus nerve is activated when we have an allergy, inflammation of the nose or foreign particles, such as dust, that irritate our nasal mucosa.

Why do we close our eyes when we sneeze? The whole process expends energy from our body and engages many groups of muscles, including facial muscles. That's why sneezing makes us close our eyes – it's an unconscious muscle reflex.

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How does sneezing help us?

Sneezing pushes air out of our lungs, which comes out through the nose and mouth. This air also expels the mucus along with it. This is useful for our body, because it also exits foreign particles that irritate the mucous membrane of the nose, as well as bacteria that are harmful to the body. Just do not forget about your personal hygiene, as well as the health of others, trying not to transfer bacteria to them. To do this, always carry soft and strong handkerchiefs with you.

There is also evidence that sneezing causes the release of endorphins and is therefore sometimes accompanied by an unusually pleasant sensation. Therefore, it is interesting to know exactly how to sneeze!

How about kihame?

There is no more unpleasant feeling than being sneezed and not being able to. If you want to challenge the process yourself, just tickle the inside of your nostrils and you're done! Some people even look at the sun for a long time to sneeze.

Is sneezing healthy?

If you sneeze too often or uncontrollably, you may be looking for a cure to help you in the mission: how to stop sneezing? Pharmacies and health stores offer products for mild colds and allergies that can help you clear your nose and sinuses. If the sneeze lasts more than a few weeks, do not hesitate to contact your GP for advice on how to stop it and what exactly you are allergic to.

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