5 от най-добрите домашни илачи срещу настинка 

5 от най-добрите домашни илачи срещу настинка

Unfortunately, there is no magic cure for colds and flu, but the next best thing is the comforting advice of those who have been bolly (many times). So we asked our grandparents about tried and tested home remedies for the common cold and flu.

These home remedies for colds and flu may not be supported by scientific research, but if your grandmother thinks they work, she's probably right.

1. Keep towels in every room



Have you ever noticed how there is always a box of towels in almost every room of your grandmother? That's because she knows that the best start to treat colds and flu is to relieve that annoying runny nose without having to walk away from the couch. Sneezing and coughing in the towel and throwing it in the trash is also key to preventing the spread of the virus in the first place.

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2. Garlic: the best remedy for a cold?



We all know that garlic can scare vampires, but Grandpa says that the antioxidants in it can also fight colds. Garlic has long been considered the best remedy for home treatment of colds and its symptoms, so if you can endure its taste and smell, then it's worth a try. Try eating a raw clove, or boil it in water to make garlic tea or add a little ground garlic to your food to scare away the sneeze.

3. Raise your head



Your grandparents don't lift the pillows for no reason. Some believe that putting on extra pillows is one of the most effective remedies for home treatment of a cold and its symptoms, especially when you are faint. The combination of sufficient rest and a slightly elevated head gives the body the opportunity to restore and promote secretion from the blocked sinuses.

4. Good home remedies for treating a cold: eat



Often, when we hit, the last thing we think of is to eat, but Grandma may be right: a useful food can only do wonders. By not eating, you run the risk of feeling weaker, so you'd better use some nutritious food to help you be strong. Grandma's chicken soup is, of course, one of the most practical of all home remedies for colds.

5. Sweat



Not all home remedies for grandmother's common cold should be taken too literally. She likes to advise you not to "sweat" to get better and avoid heavy exercise, especially if you suspect you have the flu. But slow walking or an easy walk in the fresh air can help you feel normal just make sure you're well hydrated. Now that you're better off, it's time to believe that regular exercise can strengthen the immune system, thereby reducing the risk of catching a cold.

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When colds and flu wheezing take hold, you can eliminate them and cure them with some classic family remedies, or at least alleviate your condition and feel better. If you're looking for good home remedies to treat a cold, trust your grandparents and try them.

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