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Жена седи на леглото си с болки в корема

Want to learn what helps with diarrhea and find out which home remedy for diarrhea to try? We're here to help. The next time you or someone in your family suffers from this unpleasant ailment, follow these tips.

What to do with diarrhea?

Here are some practical things you can do when you have a restless stomach.

  • You stay at home.
  • Drink more fluids.
  • Pay special attention to hygiene. It is especially important not to pass infectious microbes on to your family, so try these hygiene tips:
    • Wash your sheets, clothes, etc. separately from the rest.
    • Use damp toilet paper for better cleaning.
    • Avoid sharing your eating and drinking utensils with others.
    • Wash your hands often and always after using the toilet.
    • Wipe frequently used surfaces such as door handles with an antibacterial detergent.
  • Eat when you feel better.
  • Rest fully.

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Usually, diarrhea passes within a few days without any treatment. In the usual cases in adults it lasts between 2-4 days (in children it can last from 5 to 7 days), but in case of infection it can torment you for more than a week. You can help yourself by learning what helps with diarrhea at home.

Alert signals for diarrhea

To make sure that everything is in order, contact 112 in the following cases:

  • Diarrhea lasts more than 7 days
  • Diarrhea is accompanied by bleeding
  • You have signs of dehydration even though you are taking hydrating tablets
  • Dehydration in a child under 5 years of age (including dry diapers)
  • The child refuses fluids or breast milk
  • Adverse reactions in a child under 12 months of age

Home remedies for diarrhea

Learn what helps with diarrhea with our top five home remedies for diarrhea.

1. Try a liquid diet

Coming up with a menu when you're suffering from diarrhea can be challenging. It is important to try to eat if possible, but a liquid diet could be a temporary natural solution to the problem. Diarrhea weakens the stomach, so you should be careful not to eat anything that can irritate it.

2. Stick to common foods, such as white rice

Known for its clamping effect, boiled white rice may be just what you need when you have an upset stomach. Eat in small portions and do not add anything else until you start to feel a little better.

3. Eat in small portions

Once your stomach feels calm and appetite restored, you can trust the tested remedies for diarrhea by adding certain foods in a limited amount. It's nice to get back to your usual diet, but don't rush yet. Your stomach will process small portions of food more easily instead of large quantities that will take at least a few hours.

Doctors advise to avoid spicy and fatty products, recommending the following simple foods:

  • Soup
  • Potato
  • Boiled vegetables
  • Bananas

Foods that are rich in sodium are suitable because salt retains water and helps against dehydration. Trust grandmother's recipes for diarrhea and add a pinch of salt to the vegetable soup.

Children usually do not like vegetable soups, but do not rush and offer their favorite foods. If you still do not have an appetite, continue with the fluids until they are fully recovered. If you have signs of dehydration, focus on hydrating them (see tips below) until everything is over.

4. Diarrhea remedy with apple cider vinegar

Another grandmother's recipe against diarrhea recommends mixing a drink with apple cider vinegar. To prepare it, dissolve two teaspoons of vinegar and a little honey in a glass of water. Unpleasant symptoms will calm down thanks to the anti-inflammatory agents of the ingredients. Drink the mixture 2-3 times a day for best results.

5. Herbal tea for diarrhea

What you drink is just as important as your diet for diarrhea. In addition to drinking water and treating with the vinegar drink, herbal tea intake can also help. Ginger, chamomile and green tea are good choices because they all have a calming effect on the stomach. It's a good idea to avoid fruit juices and fizzy drinks (especially in children) because they can exacerbate malaise.

What helps with diarrhea and prevents dehydration?

Taking care of the fluids in the body is the most important thing to focus on for diarrhea. Keep a bottle of water nearby and take frequent sips. This will hydrate you without stressing your body. It is suitable for both adults and children. Adults can also take herbal decoctions, on a par with other liquids, as well as various broths to their taste. 1

You will find out if you are taking enough fluids by the color of your urine. It is normal for it to be colorless or slightly yellowish and to visit the toilet relatively often. A signal of dehydration is infrequent urination, unpleasant odor and dark color.

If your child has signs of dehydration, go straight to your doctor. If an adult is dehydrated, tablets can be bought from the pharmacy. 2

Anti-dehydration tablets are over-the-counter and can be bought at any pharmacy. They are usually available in powders and must be dissolved in water to restore minerals, salt and glucose in the body. 1

Once you understand what helps with diarrhea, you no longer need to suffer in silence. Give yourself plenty of time to rest, spare your stomach and use our four home remedies to feel better as soon as possible.

To protect others from infection, do not go back to school or work for 48 hours and do not visit public pools for the next two weeks. 3

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