Как да излекуваме настинка: 5 съвета за бързо лечение на настинка

Една млада двойка седна на леглото, четене, в стая с две капандури

When you struggle with a cold, the process usually seems endless. Once you figure out how to get rid of a cold quickly, you'll feel like yourself sooner than you expect. So, what are the ways to quickly treat a cold? Discover our top five tips here and the next time you feel a runny nose approaching, you'll know how to deal with the problem.

Cold – Treatment

Let's start with some harsh facts. There is no specific cure for a cold that stops its development abruptly. Once you find yourself with a cold, expect it to cause you malaise within a week or two.

The good news is that there are a few things you can do to limit your symptoms so much that you barely notice their existence. In addition, even if there is no lightning cure for the signs of a cold, a positive attitude is actually an excellent way to deal with the disease.

Когато се борите със силна настинка, лечение може да означава и запасяването с нещо здраво и в същото време нежно, което помага при ограничаването на кашлицата и кихането. Винаги дръжте в себе си пакет носни кърпички Zewa Softis Menthol Breeze, осигурявайки си достъп до малко комфорт, всеки път, когато имате нужда.

What to do with a cold: Top 5 tips

Here's how to get rid of a cold quickly:

  1. Rest

    In all likelihood, the most effective way to quickly treat a cold is to do nothing! By giving your body a chance to recover, you shorten the cold by relieving its symptoms. After all, the human body does its best job while resting. Use this as a motivation to relax whenever and wherever you can to feel better.

  2. Drink liquids

    Supplying the body with enough fluids is another easy way to speed up the healing process. Frequent water intake not only helps the body fight malaise, but also contributes to reducing sinus obstruction, which is especially important for quickly overcoming cold and runny nose symptoms.

  3. Trust the steam

    Covering your head with a towel while standing over a bowl of hot water brings great relief when you suffer from a cold. Steam helps open the airways and lowers sinus pressure levels. For an additional effect, put a few puppies of eucalyptus oil in the warm water. Repeating the process at least three times a day calms the symptoms of a runny nose and reduces colds faster.

  4. Drink hot drinks

    Whether you try honey and lemon, which are indispensable for sore throats, or enjoy the miraculous power of herbs in mint and chamomile teas, hot drinks have a strong relieving effect. Take them all day to relieve symptoms and extra comfort during the unpleasant cold. The same goes for hot food soups.

  5. Over-the-counter for a cold – what to drink

    If you're eager to ease your symptoms and end the disease, your local pharmacy could help. Specialists will give you expert advice and recommend the appropriate medications for the specific signs, helping you feel as comfortable as possible.

The key to dealing with a cold is to be kind to your body and take it easy. Once you have worked out an action plan, knowing how to get rid of the malaise quickly, the next time you will move on confidently and start the healing process without wasting time.

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