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Illustrated момче седи на тоалетната чиния с табуретка като жест на куче

The shape, size and color of your excrement say a lot about your health, but how often do you think to check what's going on down there? Let us walk you through this sometimes difficult terrain with information about everything from what healthy stools should look like, to tips on how to have one.

Take a look at our download table to distinguish faecal types and read what each one says about your health, hydration, and diet.

What does the stool of a healthy person look like?

The good look of excrement is a sign that everything in your gastrointestinal system is working properly. Usually they are dense, with a soft to hard consistency and separate into a whole piece. Each person is different, but in general going to the toilet once or twice a day is considered healthy, and three times a week is considered the minimum of good intestinal health.

What is the normal color of the stool?

As for the typical color of excrement, all shades of brown are usually accepted as standard. Certain medications or foods could affect the color of the feces. Green feces with bile in them may be a sign that food is moving through the intestines too quickly – as with diarrhea. Yellow excrement indicates an excess of fat. If you have black spots or blood in your stool, ask your doctor for advice.

How to be healthy?

Sometimes (for example, in case of illness) we can not clearly determine the type of our excrement, but there are several ways to improve their appearance, provided that you do not suffer from other health problems. Improve your gut content with these tips:

  • Drink between six and eight glasses of water a day.
  • Eat enough fiber-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grain bread, and breakfast cereals
  • Exercise regularly
  • Go to the bathroom as soon as you feel the need.

Water intake, exercise, and fiber will help shed stools, but how do we cleanse them most effectively? The least we can do for ourselves is to secure a tender and soft toilet paper like Zewa to make every trip to the toilet as comfortable as possible. To feel really fresh, complete the cleansing ritual with the Zewa Moist Natural Camomile wet wipes.

Използвайте тоалетна хартия, която освен мека, е и здрава, като Zewa Just-1. Тя е по-абсорбираща и по-плътна от традиционната тоалетна хартия, така че само един къс може да е достатъчен!

Types of feces

Depending on the specific form of feces, the Bristol Table of Excrement divides the different types into seven categories:

  • Type 1: Separate hard stools. This form of stool is often likened to rabbit if or marble. They are usually difficult to separate. If yours are, you probably suffer from severe constipation. Help yourself by taking more water and consider consulting a doctor.
  • Type 2: Sausage-like lumpy feces. Likening clusters of grapes, this type of excrement is composed of related lumps if. This can also be a sign of browning, so focus on the water and your condition should improve.
  • Type 3: Resembling a sausage with cracks on the surface. The third type of feces is more uniform in shape than the previous two and looks a bit like corn on the cob. The cracked surface indicates that in all likelihood your diet is healthy.
  • Type 4: Soft and smooth, snake-like or sausage. Imagine a hot dog or a long snake and you will get an idea of the shape of this type of feces. Their density is normal and easy to separate.
  • Type 5: Soft stools with pronounced ends. Resembling bites, these individual lumps if they pass easily through the excretory system. However, if you notice them in the toilet bowl, you may be suffering from a lack of fiber. More fruits vegetables, whole grains and snacks can help.
  • Type 6: Mushy feces with uneven edges. In density, this type of feces resembles porridge and is a sign of mild diarrhea. If you suffer from it, make sure you are getting enough water and consider an appointment with the doctor.
  • Type 7: Liquid consistency without solid pieces. Sometimes these completely liquid feces are compared to juice. The rarest representatives of the excrement table are usually described as severe diarrhea. Contact your doctor as soon as possible and don't forget to drink water.

As with anything related to health, if you're unsure or worried about the condition of your gut, make an appointment for a doctor.

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