10 хигиенни правила за ползване на тоалетна

Illustrated момче и куче, което следва хигиенни правила Лу: момчето има тоалетна хартия, докато кучето се зачервява тоалетната

Proper hygiene practices are essential when using the toilet, but have you ever wondered how to make it easier for your household to remember all the rules of good personal hygiene? Wall pictures are a fun and easy way to stir their memory. Download a printout of our rules for using a toilet and hang them prominently in the bathroom in favor of everyone in your home. First, let's look at each one in more detail:

  • Close the door. The first of our 10 established rules for using the toilet has to do with the importance of privacy. Closing the door not only provides solitude, but also shows respect for other family members, preserving the doing of this intimate activity where it belongs.
  • Wipe from front to back. One of the most important rules for good personal hygiene in the toilet – wiping from front to back – helps prevent urinary tract infections.

    Използвайте тоалетна хартия, която е мека и здрава като Zewa Just-1. Тъй като тя е по-плътна и по-абсорбираща от традиционната тоалетна хартия, само един къс може да е достатъчен.

  • Use damp toilet paper. The list of rules for good hygiene habits in your bathroom will remind everyone that they should follow the same routine – wiping first with dry toilet paper, followed by the damp Zewa Moist Almond Milk for an extra fresh and clean feeling every time.
  • Avoid urine splashes. When sitting, correctly positioning over the toilet bowl will help you pee where you need to be. If you stand up, avoiding splashes is a matter of correct body position. Stand as close as possible and aim carefully.
  • Clean the seat if necessary. Sometimes, even when we are especially careful, there are splashes of urine. However, they are not a problem if you wipe them quickly. This is another of our norms of good personal hygiene, associated with the manifestation of respect for the rest of the household.
  • Don't forget to turn on the water. At first glance, this action is automatic, but you can easily forget it in a hurry. Not anymore! Everyone will remember, thanks to the printout with the rules for using a toilet on the wall.
  • Clean with a brush if necessary. One of the basic principles of using the toilet is that you should leave it as you found it, which can sometimes mean a quick brush cleaning. Add a little detergent, scrub the plate, turn on the water and put the brush in place.
  • Take the seat off. Everyone is happy when they find the toilet the way they like to use it. Removing the seat is not only one of the simplest hygiene habits, but also applying it helps everyone in the house feel respected.
  • Wash your hands. Another essential of our rules for good personal hygiene is: Always wash your hands after the toilet. Soap, warm water and thorough hand cleaning will keep germs at bay.
  • Change toilet paper when needed. It's so annoying to reach for a roll of toilet paper and see it's over! However, with our ready-to-print toilet rules, this unpleasant situation will be forever a thing of the past.

With the help of a wall scheme positioned in a convenient place for everyone, you can rest assured that your family will have a constant reminder of all the rules of good personal hygiene in the toilet.

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