5 съвета за мазна кожа на лицето

Една млада жена изстискване пъпка на мазна кожа и я погледнете в огледалото

Oily skin creates an unpleasant feeling and excessive shine. If your glands are more active, let's show you how to bring them to a good mode of operation. Learn more about proper cleansing of oily skin, effective facial care when you're outside, and how to keep your forehead from shining.

1. Daily regimen against oily facial skin

Our top tips against oily facial skin start with building a strict daily regimen. Cleanse the face twice a day so that it is fresh and does not shine. Choose products that contain salicylic acid or tea tree and see which one makes the skin soft (not firm). Using water for cleansing without alcohol content several times a week will regulate the production of sebum (this is the substance that is secreted by the sebaceous glands). Gentle exfoliation at least once a week reduces the oiliness of the skin that usually causes pimples.

2. Diet for oily facial skin

The phrase "You are what you eat" may sound most plausible when it comes to facial skin. There are foods that further grease the face and others that help. Avoid alcohol and spicy foods as they dilate your blood vessels and make you sweat. Limit the consumption of spicy food to once a week. Also refrain from sweet foods.

Носете в себе си пакетче носни кърпички Zewa Deluxe Design за попиване на лицето, за намаляване на блясъка и коригиране на грима, който може да се размаже в резултат на мазната кожа.

3. Care for oily skin with objects from the makeup bag.

The choice of makeup should be reasonable for oily facial skin. What to do with cosmetics in this case? Choose light makeup and matting products that do not clog pores. It is best to use a liquid foundation instead of powder powder and other products to even out the complexion.

4. How to deal with a shining forehead?

No matter how much effort you put into your daily care for oily skin, you observe your nutrition as well as the quality of your makeup, your forehead can still shine. What to do when you are outside? There are several solutions.

The first option is to steal the sweat with water to cleanse your face and then soak up with a Zewa Deluxe Design handkerchief. Blotting napkins also do a wonderful job as a quick fix in such cases. The final touch is the translucent powder that will matte the skin again and refresh your makeup.

5. Oily skin – treatment with home remedies.

Homemade masks after the weekly cleansing of the pores with an exfoliant are among the best remedies for oily facial skin. You can add half a lemon to the soft part of ripe papaya. With this mixture, massage the face and let it work for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with cold water. You can also peel and cut an apple into thin slices. Mash the apple and add two tablespoons of honey. Rinse face with lukewarm water after the mask has stood for 15-20 minutes.

With these five tips for oily skin, you can rest assured about the glow of your face! Don't worry about a shiny face when you're taking a picture. You're the star now!

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