5 бързи съвета за грим преди излизане

Жена се усмихва, докато премахване на грим с лицето избършете

Shopping, taking children to school and meeting daily can be a real challenge to look good. Here are a few makeup tips that will benefit you.

From proper makeup removal to whether we have quality beauty products, you can learn from our makeup tips and techniques. This will improve your habits and make your makeup bag more practical. In addition to daily makeup lessons, you will learn how to remove your makeup without wet wipes.

Носете пакетче от новите Zewa кърпички във вашата дамска чантичка, с които да махнете следи от грим, да попиете излишния блясък, да изчистите четките и да премахнете грима. Кърпичките са толкова издръжливи, че дори ще оцелеят по време на пране, ако попаднат в пералнята по случайност. Едновременно с това са и изключително меки.

Buy a suitable bag.

If you like to make up, it is very likely that your handbag is cluttered and its arrangement will turn into a real nightmare. When it comes to easy daily makeup, the most important thing is to quickly find the right products in a well-arranged purse. It is best to choose one with separate sections for individual products so that everything has its place. It's also a good idea if the inside of the bag has a washing coating so you can clean it easily.

Clean every two weeks.

Every lady has a favorite old lipstick and mascara, but they can be a breeding ground for microbes. Unpleasant, isn't it? Once every two weeks, examine your makeup bag. Throw those with expired shelf life in the trash, and those you do not use often, leave at home. They can also serve in the cheerful children's games of fairy-tale characters.

Wipe with a wet wipe every day.

Makeup gets dirty and can be easily poured on the corners and edges in the purse. This way your fingers will be dirty every time you use it, and there is a risk of germs. We don't always have time for thorough disinfection, so the habit of wiping with a wet wipe every day is useful. Clean daily with a napkin applicators and makeup brushes, as well as contaminated corners of the bag. A sturdy handkerchief like the new Zewa will withstand moisturizing when dealing with spilled makeup.

Let the bag work for you!

Proper selection of products for a variety of uses will save you a lot of work. Cosmetics with a pink shade can replace traditional blush and even lipstick. Provide yourself with multifunctional tools. A small scissors can serve not only for a broken nail, but also for removing labels from clothes, as well as for protruding threads. A packet of handkerchiefs is also one of the necessary things for a variety of uses.

Always have a pack of handkerchiefs at hand.

A packet of wipes is always helpful, especially if they are durable and soft.

Choose ones that fit in your purse for quick makeup, but also resistant to moisturizing and gentle on the skin. The new Zewa wipes are ideal for cleaning both spilled makeup and oily skin and small spots. Cleaning without a wet wipe is easy and one of our favorite makeup techniques is to wipe your face with a little cream. There is nothing to worry about if by chance a handkerchief from the new Zewa gets into the laundry afterwards. They are so healthy that they will not fall apart and stain your clean clothes.

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