Спорт и алергия към полени – въведение: справяне с хремата при бягане

Две жени, които минават през полето, които имат нос хрема, когато работи

Have you ever sneezed after exercise? Or do your eyes itch while exercising outdoors? If you haven't had a cold, there's a good chance something in the air is bothering you. The question is a good reason is a runny nose to skip your workout altogether? The answer is: not necessarily. Discover the link between sports and pollen allergy and how to deal with the problem.

Sports when you have an allergy: symptoms

Before we look at the useful tips that will help you exercise when you have an allergy, it is important to understand that exercise-induced rhinitis is a key term that it is necessary to familiarize ourselves with. It can affect both people with allergies and those without. Most often it is reduced to ordinary inflammation of the nasal passages.

This usually causes sneezing, blockage and a runny nose — the exact same symptoms you'd experience while running outdoors with hay fever, for example. In addition to nose problems, it is possible to find that your eyes tear and itch, and your throat irritates you.

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Having identified the symptoms, let's see how to deal with the rhinitis triggered by physical exertion.

Workout or run with pollen allergy: Symptoms and top tips

  • Whether it's sneezing after exercise or a runny nose while running, the following tips will help you stay behind your regimen when pollen levels in the air are elevated:

Don't overload yourself.

  • Whatever exercises you do, if they are outdoors, you need to start slowly. In this way, you can gradually notice how you react to the environment and stop if necessary. Listen to your body. If your allergies start to show up in full force, try one of the following solutions.

Train in the cold.

  • If you look out the window and notice that the weather is dry, hot and with a light breeze, it means that the pollen is in full swing. The best thing you can do is skip outside workouts on days like this.

Choose your time wisely.

  • If you notice that your runny nose occurs at a certain time of day while exercising, it's because the amount of pollen in the air varies. Identify exactly what time you're most susceptible to allergies and cancel your activities for another period of the day — that's the simplest solution.

Wear a mask.

  • If you do not have the opportunity to change the time for exercise, you can use a face mask. However, make sure that it is light enough and you can breathe without difficulty through it.

Don't forget the medications.

  • If you're taking something to fight allergies, make sure you don't miss another dose before your workout. In addition, you could also try a nasal spray that will open your airways and help you complete the course successfully.

Change the place.

  • Sometimes intense load and running with hay fever is too uncomfortable, whatever a person is trying. This is the time to move your activities indoors and leave the activities outside for another day.

As you can see, allergies don't have to interrupt your enjoyment of sports, nor does runny nose – running. With the right approach, there's no reason to fall behind your fitness regimen just because the pollen concentration outside is high. Try our tips and enjoy your workout as usual.

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