10 златни правила за кухненска хигиена

γενικη καθαριοτητα κουζινασ

Whether it's preparing food, cooking, eating, or just killing time, the kitchen is the center of family life. That is why it needs our attention when it comes to maintaining good kitchen hygiene. Make sure the whole family enjoys and is on board with their kitchen hygiene rules and this will help you remove all the nasty bacteria essential to stay healthy and relaxed.

Защо да не помогнете на цялото семейство да запомни този списък от 10 правила за кухненска хигиена, като ги отпечатате и ги поставите на хладилника? Можете дори да помолите децата да го дорисуват с няколко цветни химикалки, ако се чувстват творчески.

1. Kitchen hygiene 101: hand washing

Make sure your hands are perfectly clean, and this is at the top of the list of kitchen hygiene rules. There are bacteria in the kitchen that are transferred, so wash your hands all the time while preparing and cooking food. Regular hand washing is one of the most essential rules for children's kitchen hygiene too, so make sure the whole family knows how to wash their hands properly.

2. Food is prepared thoroughly

One of the most important rules for proper food preparation is to make sure that hygiene is observed in its preparation. If this is not sufficiently precisely executed, harmful bacteria can cause food poisoning. After washing, chop the food to make sure it is fresh and tight enough and put it to cook.

3. Proper storage of food

Proper cooking is only one of the first basic rules of food hygiene. The next of the most important rules of food hygiene in the kitchen is their safe storage. Make sure that leftovers or open-food packages are covered with foil or sealed in a plastic container. Do not put hot food in the refrigerator, and clear from the refrigerator all items that are not up to date.

4. Izbarshte pasovete

Wiping kitchen countertops after each use and cooking on them is one of the easiest (and most essential) of the basic rules of kitchen hygiene. This will not only keep things clean and tidy, but also stop the spread of bacteria.

Поддържането на добра кухненска хигиена е свързано с почистването на мястото, където приготвяте храната. Дръжте ролка от допълнителна абсорбираща хартия, като Zewa, под ръка, за да изтриете бързо разлятото. Тя е силна, когато е мокра, така че ще издържи заедно дори селд измиване и изтъркване с нея.

5. Food hygiene rules: do not use food

If you've ever had food poisoning, you'll understand why kitchen contamination should be avoided — this requirement is at the top of the list of basic kitchen hygiene rules. Use different boards for cutting fish, meat, vegetables, dairy products or bread (different color boards can help with this). Never leave edible foods next to raw meat. This simple kitchen hygiene tip will help you avoid the spread of potentially poisonous bacteria.

6. Cleaning the cutting board after use

Pieces of food left on the cutting board cause bacteria to multiply, so clean your cutting board immediately after use. This is vital to stop the spread of baketria. Acting quickly, easily and effectively is essential for compliance with the basic rules of hygiene in the kitchen

7. Basics of the trash can

Regular change of the waste bin is a key aspect of kitchen hygiene. Old food in the trash will quickly break down and bacteria will begin to grow, so throw away your junk daily to avoid malodorous and unpleasant odors.

8. Stop the fat in the traces of it

Have you wiped something greasy to find that this way it has already been transferred from your towel to any other surface in the kitchen. Try to use a piece of absorbent kitchen towel instead of the previous one – until you remove the fat completely and this will stop the spread of fat and bacteria.

9. Keep your refrigerator clean

Providing a clean refrigerator is one of the first of 10 rules of hygiene in the kitchen for good reason. The spill and decaying food in the refrigerator can spread to everything else inside, so use kitchen paper to clean daily between parts of the refrigerator and stop the spread of bacteria.

10. Cleaning the sink every day

Your sink is used regularly throughout the day, so it will end up dirty and covered with bacteria too if it is not kept clean. Again, this is one of the rules of kitchen hygiene, which does not take much time, but it is worth doing: just do on your sink with a quick scrub with sandpaper and detergent for cleaning the kitchen once a day. Wipe remaining water or spills around the sink with a kitchen towel to keep it hygienic.

By following food hygiene rules, changing your trash can, or keeping your sink clean, these basic kitchen hygiene rules will help protect your family from poisoning and illness. That's why it's a deep cleaning of the kitchen.

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