3 домашни лека при ухапване от пчела или оса

А отблизо оса на човешка ръка

Stung you a bee or wasp is probably one of the few dangers of a picnic. It is not difficult to anger these little bandits, and when this happens, you will immediately understand! Knowing what to do when biting a wasp is an invaluable skill that will help cope with an unpleasant situation and enjoy the rest of your afternoon. You may even be surprised to have a remedy at hand in your picnic basket.

Rapid treatment of the place stung by the wasp will give the best results. In this article we will tell how best to remove the sting, when to look for a doctor and what to do in case of a bee bite. Folk medicine is not only allowed, but also mandatory. If something is bothering you and you have unusual symptoms, seek medical attention right away.

How to remove the sting from a wasp or bee?

First let's see how you take out the sting! While bees die, leaving their sting, wasps more often do not, although it is possible to leave it if attacked during the sting. It is important that the sting is removed quickly so that the poison does not spread. You have to remember what to do and what not to do!

  • Grasp the sting carefully on the sides with nails, a piece of cardboard or with something thin and smooth!
  • Do not pull the sting with your fingers or tweezers, because you risk it breaking and staying under your skin!

3 homemade remedies when sting

You've already pulled out the sting. Here's how to deal with a bite of a wasp - treatment at home.

Lemon and vinegar at a bite of a wasp

Lemon juice and vinegar are wonderful home remedies for wasp stings. Both contain acid that will neutralize the infection and relieve pain. Any vinegar will work for you, but it is best to use apple. Here are a few tips:

  • Lemon: Cut a slice of lemon and directly put it on the stung place or squeeze its juice and soak in it a handkerchief that you put on the affected area.
  • Vinegar: Soak a handkerchief in vinegar and rub the injured area – you can even hold the handkerchief and put a little pressure.

Кърпичките Zewa Soft & Sensitive са достатъчно здрави, за да задържат сока от лимон или оцета без да се скъсат, но са същевременно и нежни, за да се чувствате комфортно.

Ice and cold compress when sting a wasp

Ice is another good means to relieve pain when biting a wasp. It will stop swelling and reduce blood flow to the stung site, which will soothe any throbbing pain. Here's how to treat a wasp bite:

  • Whether you use a cube or crushed ice, wrap in a sturdy Zewa handkerchief and hold on the site for about 20 minutes.
  • Bite of a wasp – folk medicine

We saw that you can treat a stung place of a wasp with lemon juice, vinegar and ice. But did you know that you can stop the pain with cucumber or garlic?

  • Cucumber: Just take a piece and rub the stung place. Cucumber will tighten the skin, soothe pain and feel cooling.
  • Garlic: Grind the garlic head and cover the place with the mixture. Put a band-aid on top and let the garlic juices do their job.

When to seek medical help?

Our advice on home treatment for a wasp bite will relieve symptoms and is often sufficient. Remember that you should see a doctor in the following cases:

  • You are stung near the eyes, in your mouth or throat.
  • Symptoms worsen and there is no improvement after a few days.
  • You have symptoms such as flu, swollen glands and fever.
  • With an allergic reaction – you will find out if there is a large redness around the sting site, with a diameter of up to 10 cm or more.
  • For signs of infection – for example, an increase in pain or swelling.

Now you know how to pull out a sting, when to seek medical help and 3 easy home tricks for a wasp bite. With these tips you will be able to enjoy the rest of your afternoon!

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